Kiss the sky yoga mats

Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats That Make a Difference

Kiss The Sky yoga mats are about more than just providing a comfortable platform from which you can explore your practice. Our mats are specifically designed to enhance your experience and drive your performance throughout each and every use.

USA Made

U.S.A made yoga mats that are ethically sourced and produced in the United States using 100% recycled and renewable materials.


Earth-friendly yoga mats made from 100% recycled pre-consumer scraps from rubber tree products (not tires) saved from ending up in the landfill.

Safe on Your Joints

Anti-microbial closed cell technology and impact-resistant foam rubber is ideal for therapeutic yoga or movement.

Extra Grip and Balance

Non-slip yoga mats with a soft and textured surface designed to grip the floor as you move and balance for each pose or for more rigorous exercise.

Challenge Yourself & Drive Your Performance

Challenge yourself and drive your performance further than ever before with Kiss The Sky. Even when your session begins to increase in intensity, you can rest assured knowing that your hands and feet won’t slip – giving you that extra boost of confidence to push yourself further than ever before.

Reach for your highest potential – your yoga is your own.

We’ve Recognized The Need For A Revolutionary Yoga Mat

Athletes tend to strive for the best. The best score, the best result, the best position, the best gear, the best athletic equipment, etc. Those who practice yoga are athletes looking to achieve their best selves. At Kiss the Sky, we’ve recognized the need for a revolutionary, athletic yoga mat and we’ve delivered it….and then some.

An Environmental Yoga Mat Backed By Science

Kiss The Sky yoga mats are 100% sourced and produced in the US. We’ve been able to consult some of our fellow yogis at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to help with testing the performance and sustainability of our mats. 

Each yoga mat emits 6.5 pounds fewer CO2 emissions than mats made through traditional means. This is equivalent to planting 4 cherry tree seedlings per mat. Better yoga practice for you, healthier climate for all.


When you invest in your yoga through our yoga mats, you're also creating meaningful change in the world. 

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