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This is the perfect mat for when you're ready to stop the endless cycle of replacing yoga mats

Graham King, Founder, Urban Athletic Club

I have a Jade, a Manduka, a Lululemon - and I only use my Kiss The Sky mat!

Sylvia Earhart, Samudra Yoga, NY

I never knew I was good at yoga until I tried a black oval.

Carrie Fitz, yoga student, Washington, DC

I felt I was at home in my practice. 

Michael Scholes, Laboratory of Flowers, VA

About Us

Performance-Centric Design

Made with 100% pre-consumer recycled natural rubber and designed to improve your performance. Kiss The Sky mats hold the floor and hug your hands and feet preventing you from sliding, even when sweaty.

100% Recycled & 100% Recyclable

Kiss The Sky values you and this earth. We use the most advanced environmental thinking in our product development. Our cradle-to-cradle lifecycle approach means each mat is built to become another mat.


Each of our performance yoga mats emits 6.5 pounds fewer CO2 emissions than mats made through traditional means.* This is equivalent to planting 4 cherry tree seedlings per mat. Better yoga practice for you, healthier climate for all. 

Most yoga mats are made with PVC (a petroleum-based product that can contain toxins) or claim to be "eco-PVC" (not a thing). Ours are pre-consumer rubber scraps, from rubber trees, which would otherwise end up in landfills or the ocean. 

We like to keep things local. Our products are made in the USA, by our ISO 9001 certified manufacturing partners.

We like to keep things ethical. Our materials and services are sourced exclusively from trusted small businesses.

Think we could do even more to protect the planet?  Please contact us! It is our company mission to be on the cutting edge of sustainable technology.

US DOE and EIA, Method for Calculating Carbon Sequestration by Trees in Urban and Suburban Settings. 

This is definitely my new favorite yoga mat - aside from it being eco friendly - I love the shape, thickness, lightness, and color (I’m obsessed with black and a little extra padding these days for my pregnant limbs) 

Moony Koch, Zen Roatan

"Kiss The Sky mats are a great addition to the club! I absolutely love them and so do the members and guests! Hilton was so impressed by the sustainability of the mats. We also love the sleek look and ability to use them as multi purpose mats vs only for yoga."

Tiffany Harlan, Washington Hilton health club

Yoga Mats With A Purpose

When you invest in your practice through our mats, you're also creating meaningful change in the world. Because with every product you purchase, you support various causes.

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