Kiss The Sky Announces Partnership with Sea Change Yoga, a Portland Nonprofit for Mental Health

As we work to introduce the mental, emotional, and spiritual healing possibilities through disciplined yoga engagement, we have proudly partnered with Sea Change Yoga, a nonprofit organization in Portland, Maine, whose mission is to provide yoga to all marginalized populations.

With a particular focus on working with individuals who have suffered from trauma, offering a veterans yoga class, Sea Change Yoga is demonstrating that yoga is more than merely getting in a good stretch – it’s life-changing with healing properties that can be traced back for thousands of years.


“ Sea Change Yoga was born from the belief that yoga has the power to heal trauma and that everyone deserves access to that healing power. Wanting to make the practices of yoga and meditation available to the under-resourced people who are in need of these life- changing practices is what drives us as an organization to serve up over 10,000 yoga service hours a year. Our trauma informed classes are always free to our students, and we could not do this without the community support of so many yogis who recognize that yoga can change lives. We are honored, on behalf of the people we serve, to receive this generous support from Kiss The Sky.” - Executive Director and Founder: Diana Lee

How Yoga Supports Mental Health
There is no shortage of research and proven scientific studies that have demonstrated the healing ability of yoga. Yoga increases body awareness, relieves stress, reduces tension and inflammation, sharpens attention and focus, and calms and centers the nervous system for stability throughout the entire day.

Due to yoga’s positive psychological connection, the American Psychological Association has even made it a regimented part of psychotherapy and providing mental healing to patients. Within the Association’s studies, it was also discovered that yoga enhances social well-being through a system of belonging while mitigating symptoms of depression, attention deficit disorder, and sleeping disorders.

Even crazier, yoga has been linked to a heightened release of gamma-aminobutyric acid in the brain, which regulates nerve activity. Highly prescribed for individuals that suffer from anxiety, yoga literally calms down the racing thoughts and neurological responses.

Megan Elliot, Development Director at Sea Change Yoga on her Kiss The Sky Yoga Mat

Why Proper Yoga Materials Help You Achieve Positive Mental Practice
We could keep going on all of the ways yoga has been proven to improve the mind, body, and spirit. From a mental standpoint alone, we believe that yoga can help any individual work through healing while further familiarizing themselves with their bodies and thought processes.

To make this happen, yogis need the proper materials for their exploratory yoga sessions. Without a supportive yoga mat, comfortable clothing, and the right environment, it can be hard to explore these mental connections. That’s what inspired our team to join forces with Sea Change Yoga.

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Bringing Two Worlds Together
Inspired by Sea Change Yoga’s commitment to the healing power of trauma-informed yoga & meditation to all, we are providing our biodegradable, recycled, and supportively engineered yoga mats to raise funds for their yoga programs reaching residential treatment facilities, community recovery centers, transitional housing facilities and correctional institutions.

Furthering their mission to educate yogis on the benefits of yoga for longterm mental stability, we know that every yoga practitioner needs the right mat to help channel their inner thoughts and feelings. At Kiss the Sky we aim to create a sacred space where you can feel supported to explore and enjoy your yoga journey.

We don't heal in isolation but in a community. If you or someone you know is suffering from depression and anxiety, trauma, PTSD, hyperactive disorders, sleep disorders, or anything in-between, be sure to share with them this information proving the mental effects of yoga for emotional health.


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