May Will Be Heady in Washington

The mind/body business is booming at the federal government. Attendance for yoga and meditation classes is up this year, and seminars, workshops, and resources abound. That means administrators are taking care of employees, and employees are taking care of themselves. Here’s what’s trending based on my visits to over a dozen agencies:

 - Short "Desk Yoga" classes for those who can’t get away or anyone in need of a stretching refresher. Download our one page guide for all to use.

- Meditation in suits and ties during meeting breaks. Twenty minutes to recharge then the meeting continues.

- Even more yoga. Additional classes and more challenging classes, as staff flock to this popular method of stress relief.

All of the above are great for heady May – it’s Mental Health Month! If you need rockstar specialists, I recommend:

Stay Calm and Carry On!

Debriana Berlin
Founder, Kiss The Sky 
Yoga + Meditation Classes
Yoga + Fitness Mats, 100% recycled USA-made (available on this website and through GSA for government procurement)

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