Yoga’s most important tool is the mat.

Imagine a mat so stable that your practice improves. It grips your hands and feet. It grips the floor, and stays grippy as things heat up. It gives you all the confidence to ease your way into those challenging poses. 

Athletes use the best tools.

Think great sneakers, finely tuned bicycles, sturdy ice skates. But yoga practitioners managing heat, balance and strength are the athletes we admire most. So we set out to make you the best tool possible. 

A performance mat for yoga.

Make that a soul-soothing performance mat. Why, why, why are most yoga mats made of PVC, a type of plastic that emits cancer-causing dioxins when manufactured? And shipped from China? What a soul-destroying space to place your face. We use 100% recycled rubber that can be recycled again.

Made in the USA.

We were lucky enough to develop our mats with the help of some impressive yogis who work for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. We went on a journey together in 2015, testing the performance and sustainability of our mats 

Kiss The Sky is committed to creating yoga lifestyle products that free your mind, inspire your body, and ease the environmental burden we place on our planet. We hope you love your mat. We hope it makes your practice soar.