Here at Kiss The Sky, we’re committed to creating yoga tools that evoke a lifestyle where you can free your mind, inspire your body, and ease the environmental burden that we place on our planet. 

Safety is always of the utmost concern for our team, including the safety of our planet. For that reason, we manufacture all of our mats right here, in the US. Our ISO 9001 certified and Zero Emission manufacturing partners allow us to make safe, eco-friendly, and effective mats for yoga use right here in our country.


Our Story – How Kiss The Sky Came To Be

It all began during a yoga class taught by our founder at the Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC in 2014, when several sustainability experts were confused as to why most mats are so slippery and made of toxic plastic that will never breakdown. With this as motivation, Kiss The Sky yoga mats came to life. Maria Peña and Salvatore Rascati took over the business after our founder, Debriana Berlin, a sustainability consultant for fortune 500 companies, moved to California to lead a groundbreaking nature and climate change museum. In 2018, Kiss The Sky moved from Washington, DC to the green mountains of Vermont.

The inspiration for Kiss The Sky’s name came from Jimi Hendrix when he said, “excuse me while I kiss the sky.” Jimmy Hendrix was a musical genius writing in a time when yoga became more accessible in the US. For us, “Kiss The Sky” explains exactly what we set out to do each and every day.

At Kiss The Sky, the 60’s always evoke feelings of love, environmental consciousness, and a drive to act for the benefit and the protection of others. The 60’s were a time when uniqueness was not only embraced, but encouraged. We are firm believers that your yoga mat is an extension of your practice, along with your yoga.

With us, your yoga is unique to you and we want to help you explore it.


Our Mission

Here at Kiss The Sky, our mission is simple – we want to provide high-quality yoga tools that not only advance your practice, but also advance our world. By manufacturing our yoga mats safely, with 100% recycled and renewable materials, we help to ensure the longevity of the environment. And with each mat sold, we stand by the ability of our products to help you elevate your yoga practice to a level you never thought imaginable.


The Team

We are a husband and wife team sourcing all of our materials and services exclusively from trusted small businesses. In our minds, we don’t want to only help the planet, we want to be of service to the people who inhabit it and help create the change we want to see.

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