Treehugger review! 100% recycled yoga mat was created at an EPA yoga class

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"This is the perfect mat for when you're ready to stop the endless cycle of replacing yoga mats"
Graham King, Founder, Urban Athletic Club


"Kiss The Sky mats are a great addition to the club! I absolutely love them and so do the members and guests! Since Hilton is a cut above and the guests get a finer experience, now that happens right down to the yoga mats, as it should.
Hilton was so impressed by the sustainability of the mats and fact that they could support a local company. We also love the sleek look, shape and ability to use them as multi purpose mats vs only for Yoga."
Tiffany Harlan, former general manager, Washington Hilton health club


"I have a Jade, a Manduka, a Lululemon - and I only use my Kiss The Sky mat!"
Sylvia Earhart, Samudra Yoga, NY


"I never knew I was good at yoga until I tried a black oval."
Carrie Fitz, yoga student, DC


"I felt I was at home in my practice."
Michael Scholes, Laboratory of Flowers, VA


"This mat is dope."
Eric Paskel, Electric Soul Yoga, CA