Om Breathe Oval Mat

$ 89.00

Let your Om shine. Designed by Kiss The Sky customer Robin Blackwell because “the gift of breath fuels my practice on and off the mat”. Permanently etched into grippy, soft, recycled rubber with a blank flipside.

The only sustainable, grippy-as-hell yoga mat designed to take your practice higher. 

Function: Performance-centric design holds the floor and hugs your hands and feet, keeping you from sliding, even in hot yoga.

Shape:  Earth-loving oval shape features straight sides and rounded corners that won't curl.

Thickness:  3/16” of cushion keeps joints happy without sacrificing connection to the earth through balancing poses.

Size:  72” x 24” of sacred space, longer than an average mat, and lighter at 3.7lbs, it fits into your standard yoga mat bag.

Material:  100% recycled rubber, but without the "new car smell" of other rubber mats. Performs like a pro on all surfaces including wood, grass, sand and cement.


100% Recycled Materials

Your Black Oval Mat is made from closed cell recycled rubber, crafted into a performance tool that can be recycled again at the end of its life. When you're ready for a new mat, use your old mat  in new ways -- as a garden kneeling pad or a workshop mat.